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The kalmstrom.com Solutions are licensed with subscriptions, not with one-time payments. A subscription gives you the right to use one or several of our products with full support and free upgrades. The subscription fees are paid yearly or monthly.

Click on the kalmstrom.com Solution you want to subscribe to.

Gold Solutions, for organizations

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Calendar Browser
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Folder HelpDesk
HelpDesk OSP
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Kanban Task Manager
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Study Manager
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Silver Solutions, for organizations

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    SP Archive icon
SP Archive
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SP Attach

Single Solutions, for one person

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Kanban Task Manager
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Why subscribe?

A subscription gives a better security and a higher long term value than a one time payment.

When you subscribe to a kalmstrom.com Solution, you never have to use old or bad software. Instead you can always have applications that work well and are compatible with both the latest Microsoft technologies and older platforms. As a kalmstrom.com Subscriber you will get the extra care we are so happy to give!
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"The kalmstrom.com Subscription system allows the kalmstrom.com team to focus on delighting existing customers, instead of hunting new ones all the time. We want long time relationships, not quick cash, and therefore we always give free support and upgrades to subscribers."
Peter Kalmstrom
CEO, kalmstrom.com Business Solutions

You can find kalmstrom.com Subscribers all over the world. This map shows countries and states with at least one subscribing organization ‒ mostly several. Big, international companies and state-owned organizations use kalmstrom.com Solutions, but also many small and one-person businesses.

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