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Subscribe to kalmstrom.com Silver Solutions for long term value

A kalmstrom.com Subscription is valid for the whole company or organization. There is no per user fee. This is included in the subscription:
  • Free use within the Subscriber organization. There is no per-user fee and no restrictions on the number of users or installations, as long as they are within the subscribing organization.

  • Free support. Should you get problems with the solution you are subscribing to, we are here to assist you! Support terms

  • Free upgrades. As the kalmstrom.com Solutions are built on top of Microsoft platforms, they should be upgraded often to adapt to and take advantage of new versions and technologies. The kalmstrom.com Solutions are easy to upgrade, and with a subscription you can be sure to always have modern and well functioning software.

An subscription to a kalmstrom.com Silver Solution costs EUR 49/USD 60 USD per month or EUR 470 /USD 570 per year.

If you already subscribe to a kalmstrom.com Solution you may have a lower cost or not pay for your Silver Solution at all:
  • For yearly Silver Subsciption payments we give a 50 % discount on the second and third Silver Subscription. For example, if you already subscribe to SP Archive your SP Attach subscription will only cost EUR 235 / USD 285 per year.

  • Silver Solutions are included in Medium and Premium Subscriptions of kalmstrom.com Gold Solutions.
Please contact the kalmstrom.com Sales team if you have questions about your subscription or if you want to order a new subscription with yearly payments.

Yearly payments

When you wish to pay per year, we will send you an invoice. You may pay the invoice with a credit card of with a transfer to our Swedish bank account.

Monthly payments

When you pay monthly, one of our payment partners will withdraw the fee from your credit card automatically each month. Please refer to the subscription page for the product you wish to subscribe to:

KBase           SP Archive           SP Attach

Also follow the links above if you want to know more about support and cancellation terms.

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