I have been using your TimeCard product for some years.
As a professional consultant I have always needed to keep meticulous records of how I use my time. This is not an easy thing to do when you consider the enormous range of different processes that an independent management consultant finds themselves engaged in.
I have configured TimeCard to assist me in keeping real time records of which client I was working on, the processes involved and the document type that I output.
In this way I am able to provide clients with detailed analysis of the work I have done, the time involved and references to all documents associated with the time/processes.

I have been able to solve the problem of providing clients with proper reports about my work without relying on either memory or guesswork.
I have been able to resolve disputes. On one occasion I was able to force a client who didn't want to pay to back down prior to the official court case.
When his lawyer examined the records and detail, he concluded that no judge could possibly find against me!

I work on my own so there is only me. I use it continuously every single day of my working life.

I have integrated it with my task management system. This allows me to drag and drop items from my task pad into the calendar to record PRECISELY when they were done. By unifying my use of categories based on TimeCard I have achieved a reasonably comprehensive knowledge management system that can be searched from within outlook.

I have shown my system to many prospective and actual clients. Some of those I have encouraged to purchase the product which I know they have done.

Some extra thoughts.
I have had occasion to use your excellent support facilities including....
The demos/presentations which are extremely useful and well put together.
When I had an installation difficulty upgrading to version 3 your personal support was enormously helpful.
I consider your support to be MILES ahead of the many other companies I have dealt with.
I would never have ANY hesitation in recommending both your products and customer service to anyone.
If more software houses were like yours we would have a better world!

Larry Rees - Business Architect
Strategy HQ Ltd, UK